Fertilization and ortimental tree care

License and insurance: 

The Farinacci Company has been licensed through the state of Ohio to apply pesticides since 1970 and follow all regulations and requirements for Ohio

custom lawn care programs:

 programs base on each individual customer depending on your yard  conditions. every customer is given a overall yard assessment and suggested program to follow .

standard lawn care program: 

1. Early Spring -slow release fertilizer/with pre- emergent crabgrass control weather dependent crabgrass can be treated post emergent 

2.late spring early summer -slow release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control

3.mid-late summer -slow release fertilizer with iron /spot treat weeds 

4.late summer early fall- slow release fertilizer weed control 

5.fall -faster acting fertilizer broadleaf weed control

6. winterizing - slow release fertilizer that helps promote root growth and nutrients for the spring 

Other Services offered :

Aeration, hatching, fungicides,insecticides,lime application for Ph balance,over-seeding 

Tree and shrub care :

we offer root feeding soil drenches, dormant oils insect and fungicide controls as well as anti-desicants